Why Sticking With Your Company May Be Better Than a Fresh Start

In an era where the possibilities for employment are endless, it can sometimes feel like you are selling yourself short by staying at your current job. After all, why shouldn’t you always be looking for ways to accelerate your career? Perhaps you feel too comfortable and are feeling the need to shake things up but keep in mind that currently there are millions of Americans currently out of work. Before you begin looking to make big changes in your career, remember that the grass on the other side may not be as green as you think.

Open Communication

Typically, there are three motivating factors for wanting to move on from your current position—no longer challenging, no longer financially rewarding and problems in the workplace. One way to appropriately navigate some of these issues is to keep an open line of communication with your supervisor. If it’s a challenge that you seek, ask to take on another project or if you can help others to complete a task. It will show that you are capable of taking initiative and may result in solving another issue by motivating your boss to financially reward you for your efforts. Even if it has not been expressed to you directly, you should always attempt to have an open door policy with your boss. If you are feeling disgruntled about how you’re being treated or not comfortable in your work environment, it needs to be addressed immediately. If your boss is not receptive upon the first try, try speaking to their superior. You are always entitled to to feeling safe and comfortable in your work space.

Keep It In the Family

When you are beginning to feel burnt out (or no longer challenged) in your position, it’s tempting to look at moving on to another company. Bu this may not always be your best option. When taking a position with a new company, you risk putting yourself back on the bottom rung of the ladder. You will have no longer have seniority in your position and it may take longer to see a promotion until your skill set has been assessed and appreciated. Consider looking at the available positions within your company to maintain your status as a long-term employee. This is both beneficial to your job security and your resume in the long run.

Global Option

Working for a company that is versatile and allows you to move up and down the corporate ladder (and even laterally) at times may help to keep your interest. Companies, such as Amway, work with the global market and have many diverse career options to choose from. With offices in over 100 countries, they’re an $11.8 billion global corporation that employs over 21,000 people. The value of working for such a large global company is that the options for changing positions are virtually endless. When you feel that perhaps you’ve outgrown your position and are seeking a new challenge, you have the opportunity to seek out that new challenge while remaining an employee of the same company. If you’re feeling the need to relocate you could choose from one of the many offices located all over the world. Companies like Amway typically do a large amount of business outside the United States. Exploring your options within your company may create a more long-term solution for you.

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