Will a Successful Career Make You Happy?

Success is a broad term. We all have different interpretations of the word success. For example, a steady income and a luxury house can qualify as a success for one person, and a loving family with kids for another.

The way we interpret success dictates our overall understanding of our happiness. Imagine, how happy were you when you got your first promotion? Or when your first child was born. These are two different levels of happiness unworthy of comparing them to each other, but I’m going to try it nonetheless.

Financial Success

This is the type of success we’re taught in schools and colleges. It all boils down to the money that people make, which has turned into a measurement of success. Is your account full of money? Well, consider yourself successful even though it was given to you through inheritance. You see, here is the first problem we encounter. The understanding of success.

For some people, it is the small victories that they achieve over the years of working at a job. Maybe you started 10 years ago as a salesperson and finally were promoted to a manager, it was a success at the moment of the promotion, but later down the line, it turns into something different.

We reached out to some experts from ForexBonusLab.com and asked whether or not the traders of the Forex industry have a similar pattern of perceived success. The feedback we received confirmed the popular belief that making money through one’s own successes without relying on the judgment of their superiors, was more influential to people in terms of keeping the activity up. For example, the statistics on their guide without trading money show increased traffic as people keep on moving from the conventional office jobs and into their house stations.

Why Does Working From Home Make You Happier?

The reasons are quite clear. The act of working from home delegates the responsibility of success completely onto you. When you’re working at a desk job, you’re expecting someone to acknowledge your efficiency and give you a handout. But over time it gets quite redundant when you’re trying to please your superiors, in some cases, it turns into a bad habit outside of work as well. The reason is that you’re fixated on making somebody else happy, for some happiness in return, something you may not receive in the end. It also translates into how you perceive success. You start comparing yourself to your co-workers, like who has the better salary and who has a fancier job title. There’s a pretty cool story about that which I’d like to share with you.

How Trying to Beat Others Dill Destroy You

It was April 11th, 1983, the prime time for rock bands, because of the popularity that the genre had accumulated in the US. A rookie rock band was traveling to New York, in hopes of signing their first record album contract. The one most excited for the opportunity was their lead guitarist, who dreamed about the successful life of a rock star, sleeping with beautiful fangirls and spending his free time traveling the world, drinking and partying. The name of that guitarist was Dave Mustaine. Unfortunately for Dave, the band he was traveling with didn’t want to have him in the group anymore, so the day before they went in to sign the contract, Mustaine was kicked out, never to be given the dream he wanted, or so he thought.

Here kicks in the phenomenon that few people face when fired from their job, or facing failure. Initially, they fall into depression, spend some time in bars trying to calm the nerves down and not think about it. But the moment they are left alone with themselves, they get fixated on success, it becomes their sole reason for living, to be more successful than the people that rejected them. This is what happened to Mustaine as well, he became so fixated on beating his previous band, or “revenge success” as I like to call it, that he became what he is today. The lead guitarist of MegaDeath, a popular rock band that has had hundreds of concerts and went gold numerous times.

However, this success is something that Mustaine was never able to fully enjoy. And it is the same case with other people as well. You see, revenge success never ends until you’re positive you’ve beaten your peers. This ultimately destroys your perception of success, making you seem like a failure when in reality you’re in the top 1% of the whole population of this world. Unfortunately for Mustaine, the band he was kicked out of turned out to be Metallica, one of the most successful bands in the world, which went platinum several times and has had way more sales and concerts than MegaDeath. This consumed Mustaine, contributing to his perception of himself as a failure when in reality, he had already made it.

So if your only drive is to be able to beat somebody else, try to sit down alone with yourself. Think about it, why you’re doing what you’re doing and what will be the next step once you’ve achieved it? If you don’t then your success is as good as overcooked pasta.

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