Will Money Make You Happy?

As your career mentor, I’m always looking for interesting and thought provoking content to help you in your career success journey.

Here’s an interesting two minute video.  The presenter claims that people who say that money won’t make you happy are people who have failed at making money.


This reminds me of the Aesop’s Fable of The Fox and the Grapes.  The fox desperately wanted some grapes that were tantalizingly out of his reach.  He tried and tired to reach them.  Finally he gave up thinking that the grapes probably were sour anyway.

I’m bringing this video to your attention because it raises an interesting point.  Sometimes giving up makes sense — you just can’t accomplish what you set out to do.  I learned this early on when my dreams of becoming an NFL player were crushed when I couldn’t get a football scholarship to an DI school.

On the other hand, sometimes we give up too easily — and then rationalize the fact that giving up made sense because the goal wasn’t worth it.

It doesn’t matter if the goal is more money, a prestigious job, whatever.  Sometimes giving up on a dream makes sense.  Sometimes it’s just a way of rationalizing failure or your unwillingness to put in the work necessary to succeed.

Think of this video the next time you feel like giving up — then decide if giving up is the correct choice.

Your career mentor,


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