Worry Hampers Self Confidence

Today is Monday, so this post is on self confidence.

Last week, I read an article in USA Today entitled Brooding Weighs on the Mind Body: How you Handle Stress Could be Shortening Your Life.  The point of the article was simple.  People who get stressed out – especially those who over think their problems – tend to be less healthy than those who don’t.  According to the article, people who worry too much tend to have high blood pressure, less effective immune systems, surges of the stress hormones that strain the heart, more depression and shorter life spans. 

The USA Today article began, “Mulling over the past, stewing about problems, dissecting every little remark you boss makes, worrying about the future.  These mental habits take a toll on the body.”  While some might debate the science behind those health claims, there is one thing I know for sure.  Worrying obsessively hurts your self confidence, and your ability to be a career and life success. 

Self confident people are optimistic.  They face their fears and deal with them.  They surround themselves with positive people.  When you worry excessively you can’t be optimistic.  You tend to be a pessimist, focusing more on what’s wrong in your life, not what’s right.  When you worry excessively, it is difficult to face your fears — they become overwhelming, and a self fulfilling prophecy.  Your fears come true if you don’t do something to counteract them.  When you worry excessively, it is difficult to surround yourself with positive people.  Positive people like to be around others who are positive – people who see the bright side, glass is half full people.

Here is some common sense advice on what to do if you find yourself worrying too much.

  • Exercise helps tremendously.  When you exercise, you let tend to let go of negative thoughts and worries. 
  • Classical music can soothe your nerves.  Turn on the local classical station when things start to get overwhelming.
  • Find friends who are more likely to help you solve problems rather than joining in and enhancing your “ain’t it awful” thinking.
  • Mediation and/or prayer can help you when things begin to get overwhelming.
  • Forgive others who you feel have done you wrong.  Forgiveness makes you feel better and helps you let go of negative emotions.
  • The common sense point here is simple.  Brooding and worry lead to unhealthy levels of stress and undermine your self confidence. 

The next time you find yourself brooding or worrying excessively, try one or more the five techniques above, or just remember how to build your self confidence:

  • Be optimistic.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Face you fears and do something to overcome them.

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