Start Interviewing Like a STAR

You work hard to get an interview: researching companies and positions, tweaking your resume, writing a dynamite cover letter.  You don’t want to blow it once you are face to face with the hiring manager.

The STAR model is an excellent way to shine in an interview.  This article does a good job of laying out how to answer interview questions using the STAR model…

I like the STAR model, and I am not usually one to tinker with models just to show how smart and creative I am.  But I have an addition to the STAR model — a T at the end, making it the START model.

The second T stands for Takeaway — or your learning from the situation you describe.  I think that adding a sentence at the end of your STAR stories that begins with, “Here is what I learned from this situation…” will impress interviewers.  Your learning — from both positive and negative STAR stories demonstrates that you are a thoughtful, reflective person who learns from his or her experiences.  Hiring managers like this.

Try this the next time you have an interview.  It works.

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