You Don’t Have to Be Perfect. You Shouldn’t Even Try to Be.

I’ve been a fan of Erika Napoletano’s writing for quite a while now.  If there is anyone in this world who tells it like it is, it’s Erika.

She’s a bit profane, but that’s part of her strong personal brand.  A good brand attracts a lot of people, and repels some others — that’s what makes it unique.

You have to check out the article.  Erika shares her experience in doing something that really scares her.

As you can see, Erika is a witty writer — and she minces no words.

But that’s beside the point.  I love this article because Erika puts herself out there and shares her fears with us.  And she tells us what she did about them.  As I tell my career mentoring clients, fear is the enemy of self confidence, and a success killer.

Here are my four tips on beating fear…

  1. Identify what you fear.
  2. Admit to your fear.
  3. Accept your fear — it’s OK to be afraid.
  4. Do something about it.

“Procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear” is one of my mantras.  Just ask my career mentor clients.  I always advise them to ask themselves a simple question whenever they find themselves procrastinating: “What am I afraid of here?”  The answer to that question is liberating.  Once you identify your fear, you can admit to it and accept it.  Once you’ve done this, you can take it on.

I use this technique all the time. It has helped me beat my fears into submission and mover forward in my life and career.  Try this — it works.

Your career mentor,


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