Your Career Is Like A Garden. Tend It Well

Cynthia Brian is a friend.  Her mission in life is to help young people get a good start in life by building their self-esteem.  I’m a big fan of her organization: Be the Star You Are.

Sadly, her mother, Alice Abruzzini,  passed away this week.  Cynthia honored her mom by writing an article to published in her local paper about her.  Cynthia’s mom was an avid gardener.  Cynthia says she learned a lot about gardening –- and life – from working in the garden with her mom.

Check out what she has to say…

Although there wasn’t a kindergarten where I grew up but this, I learned everything I needed to know about life in my Mother’s Garden.

What I learned from my Mother Muse:
– Be an original: You can reference Pinterest, but when it comes to your own personal style, do what you love. Surprise yourself.
– Don’t follow the rules: Because there are no rules in the garden except those you create yourself.
– Love the birds: My mom has hung bird feeders and birdhouses in every cranny for her feathered friends. She even has a Bird Tree. Birds eat the insects that prey on her flowers plus their melodic songs are music to her ears and their playful antics make bird watching an amusing pastime.
– Encourage eccentricity: If you don’t feel happy in your backyard, no one else will either. Be playful. Add unexpected treasures that may be another person’s trash. Capture the charm.
– Share the bounty: One of my mom’s most sacred rituals was sharing the harvest of everything we grew with everyone she knew – her doctor, dentist, priest, hairdresser, bank teller, repairman, even other famers. Be a cheerful giver.
– Grow everything: It can be boring to stick to just a few specimens. Give a whirl to experimenting with the exotic as well as the mundane. Whether it’s a new breed of ever-blooming azalea, a delicate peach begonia, or a hardy lavender trumpet vine, brave the unknown.
– Color Your World: Although you may start out with a strict color palette, be the artist you are. Volunteers revert to their original color according to Mother Nature’s whims. Enjoy the rainbow.
– Provide places to relax: Gardeners work hard. Make sure to include comfortable sitting and lounging areas, and a shady patio for you and your guests.
– Believe in magic: A garden is a lesson in miracles and magic. Embrace the whimsy and the mysterious. Have fun.
– Pull hoses: You may have a drip or other irrigation system, but you’ll need the humble hose to get to every corner.
– Make people happy: With her outgoing, enthusiastic personality always ready for the next dance, my mother lights up a room, including the outdoor variety. When your table features fresh fruits and vegetables that you have personally grown, you can be certain that you are providing the highest nourishment for your family and friends, helping everyone be happier and healthier.
– Leave a living legacy: A garden is to grow. Every garden is different reflecting the individuality of the gardener. Family is everything. Bloom with love.

Everyone who has ever experienced the gardening hospitality of my mother, Alice, has left feeling better and happier. Let the wisdom of my generous garden guide muse inspire you to be the best gardener possible. Thanks Mom!

While this is a great tribute to Cynthia’s mom — and some great advice on gardening –- it’s also some great life and career success.  We are all the gardeners of our success.  Cynthia’s advice, “Make people happy” is a great place to begin when you’re creating your career garden.  When you do this, you’ll be on your way to creating the strong lasting relationships that are necessary for your lie and career success.

Your career mentor,


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