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Yesterday was Cyber Monday, last Friday was Black Friday (I hate that term) – everybody seems to be trying to sell you something these days.  I’ve decided that today is Giveaway Tuesday – for readers of this career success coach blog at least.

Recently, I had the opportunity to download and read a great new book called Journey To You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be by Steve Olsher.  This is a great book full of common sense career advice.  USA Book News named it the Self Help Book of the Year.

Tweet 2 in my career success book, Success Tweets says, “The more clear you are about what success means to you personally, the easier it will be to create the life and career you want.”  Steve’s book will help you get the clarity you need to create the life and career success you want and you deserve.

I asked Steve if he would be so kind as to share Journey to You with my readers – for free.  He agreed.  So do yourself a favor and go to and claim your free copy .

This is my gift to you this holiday season, courtesy of Steve Olsher.  Download Journey to You, read it and put the common sense life and career success advice in it to work in 2012.  Become the life and career success you deserve to be.


PS – Download your free copy of Journey to You at


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