Your Most Productive Time of the Day

Many of my career mentoring clients tell me that they don’t have enough hours in the day to get done all of the things they want and need to do.  I know that life is hectic, but if you want to be really productive you need to figure out your most productive times of the day and use them well.

This article argues that the two hours immediately after waking up are your most productive.  I’m sure if this is true for everyone, but it is true for me.

First thing in the morning is a very productive time for me.  Of course, I have a 20 second commute — down two flights of stairs.  I get up, wash my face and brush my teeth and I’m at work within 10 minutes of leaving the bed.  This may or may not work for you.  Your family responsibilities and commute may not allow for it.  And, you might just not be a morning person.

I’ve also found that late afternoon is a very productive time for me.  I get a lot done between the hours of 3:00 and 7:00.  I follow the advice in the article and make a to do list for the following day before I shut down for the evening.  I also begin big projects late in the afternoon.  That way, I have some momentum when I get to my desk in the morning.  This trick has served me well over the years.

Midday is my least productive time, so I do my best to not schedule any high brain tasks then.  I like to exercise around 11:00, take a shower with a rain shower head, have a bite to eat and run errands then.  That way I’m still getting some things done during my down time.

In summary, it’s important to identify the times of day when you are most productive and schedule yourself in a manner that allows you to take full advantage of those times.

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