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Today is Tuesday, so this post is on positive personal impact.

Recently, I came across Sharon Glickman’s website.  Ms. Glickman is an image consultant. She helps people learn how to dress and to refine their image in a way that brings personal and professional success.

She has some very insightful comments on first impressions and how to dress for the workplace. 

“When we first meet someone we tend to make an immediate judgment about that person based on what we see. We consider their looks, their wardrobe, their style, their implied social status, and their likeability. All of this happens without conscious effort on our part.  This is what is known as the first impression. In order to make the best first impression your total image must give the right signals.”
Your attire is one the most important parts of your total image.

Dress like a winner – and the world will treat you like one! You may be impeding your advancement in your career or personal life by dressing inappropriately and giving the wrong signals.

“People say what you wear on the outside is a reflection of who you are on the inside. The best thing we can do is to dress for ourselves. So, if what you are wearing is giving a false impression of the true you, then it’s time to make a change.

“What we wear in the office reveals a set of beliefs about ourselves that we want the world to believe. The more polished and professional you appear, the sooner you’ll be promoted, and the sooner you’ll have more money and authority. That’s what power dressing is all about. Your work clothes should be viewed as an investment in your future.

“In planning your business wardrobe, you need to understand what business demands are.  Times have changed since the 80s and 90s. Expectations were not as high then and our choices were simple, limited, and not as complicated. Today’s business climate is much more competitive and demanding.

“Marketing yourself as a unique individual within the workplace is a means to get ahead. Knowing how to use clothing and image as tools is necessary to help you more effectively maneuver with confidence.”

Ms. Glickman is on to something here.  Presenting yourself as a unique individual and managing your image is an important part of creating positive personal impact.  And she’s right when she says “the more polished and professional you appear, the sooner you’ll be promoted”.

Positive personal impact is part of the whole package.  Self confidence, outstanding performance, communication skills and interpersonal competence are important.  But dressing well and knowing how to handle yourself in social situations – making a positive personal impact, in other words — can be the little bit extra that puts you over the top and makes you a career and life success.

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