Your Writing Should Enhance Your Personal Impact

Today is Thursday, so this post is on communication skills.

Recently, I saw a blog post by Kevin Levi called The Power of Proofing in Personal and Professional Communications. In part, here is what Kevin had to say:

“In business we are always trying to make our best impression when meeting with prospects, customers, partners, vendors and coworkers. We typically dress the part and speak the part but why don’t we always write the part? Your written communications say as much about you as your personal appearance and many of us either don’t recognize this or simply don’t care. Trust me, in corporate America or even in small business circles, people judge you on virtually everything you do, whether intentionally or not. A misspelled word, overt grammatical error or an incomplete sentence can spell doom for you in terms of branding yourself and your business.”

I agree with what Kevin has to say.  I am highlighting his point here because it demonstrates how the five factors of career and life success – self confidence, positive personal impact, outstanding performance, communication skills and interpersonal competence — overlap with one another.   

Writing is a key communication skill.  However, as Kevin points out so well, your writing has a lot to do with your personal impact.  Write in a clear, concise and clean manner and people will see you as competent and clear thinking.  Write in a haphazard manner with lots of typos and grammatical errors, and people will see you as someone who produces sloppy work.

The common sense point here is simple.  Everything you do, or don’t do, either enhances or detracts from your personal impact.  When it comes to writing, take a few minutes to read what you’ve written – not just spell check it – and your writing will assist you in making a positive personal impact.

If you want to see more of what Kevin has to say, go to and

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