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Today is International Youth Day. Joan Posivy has chosen today to launch her great new book, The Way Success Works: Decide, Believe, Begin To Live Your Best Life. The book is written for young people, but anyone interested in creating a successful life and career can benefit from its advice. I’m an old guy – will be 65 on Friday — but I’ve read this book and was inspired by its wisdom.

In this book, Joan echoes my thoughts on the importance of committing to taking personal responsibility for your life and career success. In the Foreword, Bob Proctor, an international best-selling author on success says, “The results you are getting in life – your happiness, health and wealth – are rooted in your actions. They are tied to what you do and don’t do, to the opportunities you seize or those you let pass by.”

Joan points out that it’s not enough to dream big and envision your successful future. It’s not enough to learn about success. She says that you have to step out, act on and apply what you’ve learned. Tweet 40 in my book Success Tweets: 140 Bits of Common Sense Career Success Advice, All in 140 Characters or Less says…

“Vision without action is a daydream. No matter how big your plans and dreams, they’ll never become reality until you act on them.”

Action is the common theme here. One of the best actions you can take today is to order a copy of The Way Success Works. In addition to getting a great book, you’ll get some goodies that Joan has arranged for the action takers who purchase the book today. Joan has arranged for you to get five special bonus gifts that she has compiled specifically to help you get on the fast-track in applying the ideas in The Way Success Works.

Follow the link below to get your copy of The Way Success Works.

So stop dreaming and start acting. Click on the link below. Buy the book. Read it. Put its ideas to work. And you’ll be on the way to creating all of the success you want and deserve.

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