10 Ways to Brand Yourself as a Polished Professional

I did a post called “10 Ways to Brand Yourself as a Polished Professional” for JenningsWire.com, a hot new site for all sorts of interesting information the other day.

Here is some of what I had to say….

Little things mean a lot.

I had a colonoscopy last week. Unfortunately, I’m at the age, where I need to get checked out every five or so years.  As strange as it may sound, I found some great life and career success lessons during the procedure.

My given name is LeRoy, but I’ve never used it.  I’ve been Bud ever since I can remember.  But my insurance card and driver’s license say LeRoy.  After I signed in when I arrived at the Denver Endoscopy Center, the receptionist called LeRoy.  When I went up to the desk to take care of the paperwork, I told her that I prefer to be called Bud.  She made a note and we concluded our business.

When the nurse called me to come into the area where the procedure was to be done, she called me Bud.  When the doc came into see me before the procedure he introduced himself and said, “I hear you prefer to be called Bud.”

These are small things, but they meant a lot to me.  I really don’t like to be called LeRoy.  I really prefer to be called Bud. It may sound silly, but I was really impressed by the fact that I had to tell only one person of my preference and everybody else got it right.

Maybe I live in a world of diminished expectations, and you should only have to tell people something once and they get it right.  Nevertheless, I was impressed that the folks at the Denver Endoscopy center cared enough to get it right the first time.

As I was leaving the clinic after the procedure, I received an evaluation form along with my other discharge papers.  That was a first.  I’ve never had a doctor ask for feedback on anything.  I was impressed.  These folks went the extra mile by focusing on the small stuff.  They branded themselves as polished professionals.

And that’s the life and career success lesson here.  Contrary to the old saying, you should sweat the small stuff.  Sweating the small stuff brands you as a polished professional, gets you noticed in a positive way and puts you on the path to the career success you deserve…

You can read the entire post at http://anniejenningspr.com/jenningswire/success/10-ways-to-brand-yourself-as-a-polished-professional/

I hope you find it helpful.  Please leave a comment letting me know what you think.


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  1. Hi Bud, love your posts!

    – Annie

  2. Thanks, Annie.

    What do you like about them?

    Your feedback helps me write better, more helpful posts.

    All the best,


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