4 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

Ask people what they want as they graduate from college and most of them will say something like, “A high-paying job with a respected company.” However, even with a diploma from a good school, you also need to have a solid job search strategy and some proven and in-demand skills if you’re going to land a great job. In today’s business world, people skills and technical knowledge are more important than ever. Corporations are actively seeking candidates who can provide tangible value in growth and innovation. Here are some ways to ensure you’re on the short list for that top job.

Develop Your Network

In the digital age, this generally means establishing an online presence. You can make connections over social media, particularly LinkedIn. Seek out people with related skills, industry influence, and education. Join professional groups and distinguish yourself by being helpful and insightful. Start a blog to portray yourself as an industry authority. Make your profiles and your posts both professional and suggestive of an admirable personal character. Just don’t overdo it.

Target Vacancies without Applying

Companies on average receive 75 resumes for every job they post. Even if you’ve tweaked and polished yours, you can’t be sure it will really stand out from all the others. Instead of relying on your resume, use your network. When a promising job opens up, reach out to somebody connected with the company. Ask questions and see if they will recommend you for the position. Then the hiring manager may seek you out.

Ace the Interview

Once you land an interview, prepare for it as if your career depended on it, because it just may. Do your research and learn everything you can about the company and its culture. Look online for common interview questions that may be used. Most interviewers will ask about past professional or personal conflicts, specific challenges you’ve faced, what you’ll bring to the company, and more. Think about what you would expect from a great candidate. Prepare your answers ahead of time, and be sure they feel authentic.

In-Demand Skills

It helps to prepare yourself for your job search by having experience, training, or credentials in the most sought-after skills. Data scientist opportunities are expected to grow by 11 percent by 2024, faster than any other profession. Computer research and analysis have become essential tools for corporations looking to gain an edge over the competition.

Nothing can guarantee you a job, especially with limited experience. Continuing your own learning process will make you a more enticing candidate though. Go back to school, maybe get an MBA in technology. Keep trying, keep searching, and eventually that coveted job offer will be made.

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  1. The most important point is first and last one networking is most important thing now a days because like you said your resume is not gonna stand out with 75 other resume’s and yes skills that are in demand will help you to land on your job.
    Thank You for these tips.

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