7 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Find Your Ideal Job

LinkedIn is the best professional network. Currently, there are over 500 million users and over three million active job openings. LinkedIn helps job seekers connect with HR managers, find jobs that are not published on job aggregaters, join communities where they can share experiences with other users, and reach out to companies where they would like to work.

I get many questions about how to use LinkedIn more effectively.  Charles Ebert is a LinkedIn expert.  I asked for his advice.  Here is what he had to say.

LinkedIn provides multiple options for candidates who are tired of using resume templates and want to add information on their background and experience.  The site offers a large variety of fields that will make your page more effective.

A profile gets a lower rank if some fields are missing. However, it does not mean that you need to fill all the forms even if you have nothing to write there. It’s better to focus on the most important fields to demonstrate your professional expertise.

Here are seven tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile and attract more companies. It will be like your career mentor while you are working on your LinkedIn profile. You will also find these tips useful if you use LinkedIn for sales prospecting as having a great profile will help you look more credible to potential clients.

Create a Summary That Depicts Your Strengths

The first important field is the summary. Many ignore it although it helps demonstrate your experience in some particular fields.

Share here some of your insights, tell your main achievements and dwell on the story of your success.

Use the option of adding a digital clip here. It will come in handy for everyone who works with design and graphics.

Pay attention that summary field has 2,000 characters limit. Thus, you need to write in short but catchy phrases that tell everything about you.

Check Your Profile Name, Your Photo, and the Job Title

The view of your profile has a huge importance. It should be appealing for visitors and build more trust.

Quick tip. Did you know that profiles with personal photos get more views than profiles without photo? Therefore, it’s better to add a professional and high-quality photo of you.

Check the URL of your profile. Random name is automatically given when the account is created. However, you can rename it to brand your personal page.

Add the position you take right now or the position you expect to take. This will help to find you among all other candidates by entering the keywords.

Join the Groups and Communities Relevant to Your Position

If you want to become a well-known LinkedIn member, you are to join the communities and groups.

Here, you will be able to establish contacts with other experts, share your experience and ask for advice in case you need that. Besides, recruiters regularly check these groups to find the industry experts.

Submit Posts

To prove your experience, submit posts to LinkedIn. Over 1 mln of LinkedIn users have already used this option for personal promotion.

You should publish relevant, interesting and unique content to attract readers and prove your expertise. Create a basic how-to guide or some overview of the methods, gadgets or apps that you use in case you do not write long-reads.

Use SlideShare, a LinkedIn option of downloading and sharing presentations. If you have something to tell people in a form of presentation, SlideShare is for you.

Mind the Tone of Voice of Your Page

Another important aspect is tone of voice and usage of verbs. It has been proved that powerful verbs for your resume are more effective than nouns.

Additionally, always avoid such phrases as ‘I tried’ or ‘My intention was’. Mention your real achievements by using active forms of verbs.

Establish Connections and Get More Endorsements

Expand your connections to reach out more people. Accept the invitations from people you do not know, especially CEO and HR managers. In this way, you will get notifications about job openings and become the first candidate to apply the position.

Make sure that people endorse you. LinkedIn ranks higher people with endorsements. Besides, their names will appear on the first pages of search, and more companies and HR managers can reach them.

Update Your Profile and Be Active

LinkedIn is a social media and people with sufficient activity get more views. Profiles of active users attract more companies and HR managers.

Do remember to update the information on your profile. Your connections will get email notifications on your updates.

Like and share their posts, leave comments, etc. Write posts to engage your connection and stay an active LinkedIn user.

You can reach out companies directly on this website. Just follow their profiles and you will always get information about job openings.

With LinkedIn, you do not need to order resume writing services. You can easily create an effective profile on your own. Follow our recommendations to make sure that you have included all important information.

This will help you to rank higher in the list of candidates. More people will contact you to offer you check their vacancies.

Finally, regularly read LinkedIn messages,.  They are the main means of communication in LinkedIn. With their help, you will always be able to find a great job that meets all your requirements.


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  1. Those were awesome tips it helped me while creating my LinkedIn profile, thank you very much and now a days it’s important to manage your LinkedIn profile in a good manner because most of the recruiter are now hiring candidates from this site.

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