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Tweet 41 in my career success book Success Tweets says, “Focus on what you are becoming.  This helps you believe in yourself and builds your confidence, an important key to your career success.”

Joseph Bernard is a friend of mine.  He is a life coach – and a talented one at that.  The other day, Joseph sent me an email listing  21 Audacious and Mind Expanding Personal Development Ideas.  These ideas are different from the kind of information I usually post here.  For that reason alone, that makes them worth posting.  I urge you to check out these 21 ideas.  Try a few of these ideas that appeal to you.  They will help you to focus on what you are becoming….

21 Audacious and Mind Expanding Personal Development Ideas

If you realize you are not yet all you want to be, here are some very unique personal development tips that will change your view of yourself and how you see all of life.

  1. Choose a foot either will work, this foot will be you contact with both the Earth under you and your expansive nature. When you feel out of sorts, feel your foot, feel it making contact with the floor/Earth. Also when you want to move out of ordinary mind, sensing your foot will help bring you into the moment where wise mind is waiting.
  2. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Move it back until you get a kind of metallic taste. This taste indicates you have aligned with the pineal gland — which many believe to be the seat of higher consciousness. When you feel mentally dull or uninspired take a few minutes to breathe and touch in with the pineal gland and watch what happens.
  3. Step away right now from what you are doing. Exhale long and slow and come fully into the presence of who you are. Feel you connection with the Source of all creation. Experience yourself as Spirit poured into human form. Imagine yourself with unlimited potential and possibilities. In this very moment realize you are so much more, be that.
  4. Dip your foot into a stream, feel the wind flow around you, experience the heat of the sun on your body, taste a rain drop, watch the sunset. Join with nature around you any way you can. If you touch deeply into the natural world, healing and great wisdom come to you effortlessly.
  5. Write a poem about love, or joy, or finding out who you are, or about having a passionate purpose, or about your life in the light or whatever you choose. Creativity unlocks the door to your spirit and invites you to express so much more of who you are.
  6. Take a breath a holy breath right now. You are in this moment infinite and eternal. Who you really are was before this lifetime and will continue after you put your body to rest. Today is the day to become intimate with your soul/ spirit/higher self. The journey of a lifetime is something to celebrate and enjoy and is so much easier when you allow your higher nature to guide the way.
  7. Book your ticket to travel on Extraordinary Airways. Have you ever explored out of body experiences (OBE). You can travel anywhere you want to go and it is free and amazing. OBE’s happen by relaxing deeply, sensing your energy body and then imagine leaving the physical body behind. Have a great trip.
  8. Go for a walk and open to the world around you. If you walk in a relaxed manner while paying attention to your breath you will begin to alter your inner state. Walking meditation can leave the stress behind and invite you to become one with all that surrounds you. You know you have entered an altered state when you feel fully alive and connected to everything.
  9. Did you know you have spirit guides right now in your life waiting to be communicated with? They are there to support and encourage you and help take your life where you want it to go. You will have at least several guides. You can make contact with them simply by starting to talk to them and listening or by writing in a journal and soon they will communicate back to you through your words.
  10. There is an energy system within you that is amazing and very beneficial. This system is called Chakras. There are seven major energy points beginning at the top of the head called the Crown chakra, third eye, throat, heart, center, sacral, and base of spine. You can find many resources about this energy system on the Web. Explore it and become more alive than ever before.
  11. The Universe is your home. You are a living being in an endless Universe that is always expanding. Now change the perspective and imagine that the entire Universe is within you. Yes all the stars and everything is in you. Now imagine you with all the Universe within working towards what you want to make happen. You can have what you want.
  12. There is a healing force within you as powerful as the ocean. This force is the energy of your soul. This healing comes from the source of all healing. All you have to do is acknowledge and direct this force to flow through you into any areas that need to be healed. If you are ready to heal and your mind gets out of the way, healing will take place almost immediately.
  13. Look into the mirror and directly into your own eyes. Tell yourself with kindness and conviction “that you totally love and accept yourself.” Do so several times each day. Let the wave of self-love and acceptance grow within you. Then watch the world around you feel your love spread and touch them. Soon there will be love, compassion and kindness everywhere in your life.
  14. You can change the course of your life by taking an indirect path. Try this simple practice and you will live more fully in the moment and touch into the endless possibilities available. Instead of reaching directly make you movements have a slight arc to them. When walking from one place to another, put a slight arc in your path. No one will notice your indirect path but they will feel your presence grow.
  15. Imagine when you energy gets low that your breathing the energy up from the earth through your feet at the same time imagine breathing the energy in through the top of your head from the infinite universe. You can stand or sit anywhere and imagine this.  This energy is always there and all you have to do is invite it in. You can recharge yourself in just a few minutes of imagining this energy flowing through you. An energized you is a powerful and attractive force for what you want to make happen
  16. This one is known by most but is worth remembering. If you have an optimistic mind your feel better, if you focus on what’s not okay you feel poorly. If you allow your mind to enter into blaming and complaining, you will have even more to blame and complain about. An optimistic mind simple works better.
  17. Stepping back offers a unique perspective. Imagine that you find yourself in one of your life dramas. Take a minute or two and imagine stepping back and observing yourself. In becoming the observer do so without judging and instead look to see what you can learn about yourself and the situation. Change your viewpoint and you will bring more light into most situations.
  18. Speaking of light how about imagining that you turn the light on inside when things get dark or stuck in your life. This is the light of insight and higher consciousness. When you turn the light on those dark places inside, you free yourself through awareness to make choices that will work better for you.
  19. You have a judging mind that dominates you inner conversation. This is part of all human conditioning unless you change it.  Be aware of your need to label everything as either good or bad. The practice here it to quiet the judging mind, silence the inner critic and focus instead on accepting yourself and those around you. From acceptance you can even move to appreciation. Appreciation is the most wonderful way to interact in the world.
  20. There are two major voices going on in your head. One is the voice of the ego that is driven by fear and has a huge need for control. The ego’s job is to protect you. The other voice is the voice of your soul, which resides in the quiet of this moment. The soul’s voice is there to guide you towards realizing your infinite nature. If you follow your ego’s voice life will be full of fear, worry and suffering, if you follow the voice of your soul life will be unlimited.
  21. Did you know there are no limits to your capacity to love? You can love everyone who matters, everyone you meet and everyone on the planet and still have lots of love to give. You can spread love every day, all day long through compassion, kindness and caring. You can listen with compassion, you can say kind words, be encouraging, offer support and anything else that makes your heart sing.  What a love story that would be.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these personal development ideas from Joseph Bernard.  Check out his Explore Life Blog at  While you’re there, sign up to receive a copy of his great eBook Spirited Living.

I found some great career success advice in Joseph Bernard’s 21 Audacious and Mind Expanding Personal Development Ideas.  How about you?  Please take a minute to leave a comment sharing your thoughts with us on Joseph’s ideas.  As always, thanks for reading my daily musings on life and career success.  I value you, and I appreciate you.


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  1. This is so kind sharing this Bud. Thank you very much.

    For those who take these ideas and go exploring they will be richly rewarded. My own adventure with these practices have been so enriching, I could not begin to tell you in all the ways this is true.

    Thanks and peace and joy to all your readers,

  2. Joseph:
    I am always happy to share your thoughts with my readers.
    You understand what it takes to live a happy, healthy, productive life.
    All the best,

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