Basic Advice on Cover Letters

Your cover letter is usually the first thing seen by the person reviewing your resume.  A good cover letter makes a good first impression and will help you get an interview.  One of my career mentoring clients told me that he got a job largely because of his cover letter.  The hiring manager was very impressed with it.  When he showed up for the interview all he needed to do was live up to the expectations he created with his cover letter.

This article provides some solid basic advice on how to write a powerful cover letter…

The first tip is the most important — you have to write an individual cover letter for every position in which you’re interested.  An individualized cover letter gives you the opportunity to call attention to exactly why you’re a great fit for the company and job.  A generic cover letter, no matter how will written, robs you of that opportunity.

Take the time to write individual cover letters.  You’ll land more interviews and get more offers if you do.

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  1. I always try to stress the importance of individual cover letters for each job application. It’s an easy way to make a real connection with a recruiter and to stand out in a pile of resumes.

  2. You are absolutely correct Elizabeth.
    Thanks for your comment.

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