Become a Smover

Sam Parker invented the term Smover.  It’s a combination of the words Smile and Move.  Sam claims that Smovers tend to do very well in their lives and careers.  Once I took the time to learn a little bit more about becoming a Smover, I found that I agree with Sam.

Here’s what you need to do to become a  Smover.


  • Be aware
  • Be thankful
  • Be approachable
  • Complain less
  • Smile genuinely


  • Start early
  • Go long
  • Exceed expectations
  • Have a sense of urgency
  • Be resourceful
  • Be resilient

If you choose to do these 11 things every day, you will create the life and career success you want and deserve.  I know it’s true because I have incorporated them into my life and they have helped me create a successful and fulfilling life and career.

Your career mentor,


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  1. We thought a lot about the term Smover without knowing about Sam Parker. So thanks a lot for mentioning! This is just a wonderful explanation. We really like the combination of smile and move. For us, the term Smover ended up being the combination of smart and move. But in the end – everything you mention here just fits perfectly, too. If you are a Smover you incorporate everything in your life, that you need to achieve something fulfilling and deeply satisfying.

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