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Outstanding performance is one of the keys to success that I discuss in Straight Talk for Success.  If you want to become an outstanding performer, you need to do three things.  1) Stay on top of things in your business and industry by becoming a lifelong learner.  2) Set and achieve high goals.  3) Get organized.  Manage your time, life and stress well.

I am a charter subscriber to Self Improvement Magazine.  I received issue 2 in the mail the other day.  I like this magazine.  If you’re not a subscriber, I suggest you log on to and get yourself a subscription.  Tristan Loo is the publisher.  He’s a common sense guy too.  I like what he has to say in this issue…

“Common sense does not equal common practice.  You have to know it.  You have to believe it.  Then you have to get up off your butt and actually do it.”

Rock on Tristan.  I love what you have to say and I love your mag.

I bring up Self Improvement Magazine in this post on outstanding performance because of an article by Tricia Molloy called “Crave Your Goals.”  That’s a great title.  I suggest setting and achieving high goals.  Tricia suggests craving them.  People who crave their goals are very likely to meet them. 

Tricia takes a page out of The Secret and the Law of Attraction when she says…

“When we truly commit to our goals and crave them with our heart and soul, we engage the energy of the universe and receive what we need to make our dreams come true.”

She offers five steps to help you CRAVE your goals:

• C — Clean out the clutter.
• R — Raise your vibrations.
• A — Affirm success.
• V — Visualize.
• E — Express thanks.

Here are my thoughts on Tricia's CRAVE your goals model.

Getting organized is one of my tips for becoming an outstanding performer.  Clutter is a sure sign of disorganization.  It is distracting and confusing and an energy drain.  Tricia says that when we clear away our physical, emotional and technical clutter we make room to focus on what’s really important.  I agree.  The less cluttered your world is, the more you can focus on your goals.

Tricia describes vibration as “just another word for feelings and emotions.”  She suggests by vibrating at a high level, we attract like-minded people who will help us achieve our goals.  She says that you can raise your vibration by taking care of yourself – eat healthy, exercise, enjoy a hobby, play, laugh, forgive, give thanks.

I’m a big believer in affirmations.  One of my affirmations is “Bud Bilanich is a star.”  I’ve gone so far as to register a star in my name so that when I say to myself “Bud Bilanich is a star,” I believe it in my heart because I know that “Bud Bilanich is a star” is a completely true statement.  Tricia suggests writing your affirmations and saying them out loud throughout the day.  I agree.  Affirmations are powerful.  They will help you succeed.

I’m also a big believer in visualization.  When I was writing Straight Talk for Success I visualized a bright yellow cover with bold red lettering.  It kept me going through the writing and editing.  And I ended up with a book with a bright yellow dust jacket that has bold red lettering.  Check it out — you can see an image of the cover on either side of this copy.  I also visualized myself sitting at a table signing copies of it.  That happened too.  A few weeks ago I did a talk.  Several people purchased copies of Straight Talk after the talk, and there I was – sitting at a table autographing the bright yellow book I visualized when I was writing it.  Visualization helps you make things happen.

Finally, it’s important to express thanks.  I am thankful for every day I am given, for the food I eat, my friends and colleagues and most especially Cathy, my wife.  There are so many things for which you can be thankful.  Just look around and you’ll see that life is good and that you are blessed.  Tricia suggests creating a gratitude journal, in which you list all of the things for which you’re thankful.  This is a great idea.  Once you realize the many blessings you have, you’ll find that it is easier to get over the bumps and bruises on your way to personal and professional success.

The common sense point here is simple.  Successful people are outstanding performers.  Outstanding performers crave their goals.  They clean out the clutter in their lives to make room for success.  They raise their vibration by taking care of themselves.  They affirm their success by visualizing what they want and creating and repeating affirmations that help them accomplish it.  Finally, they express thanks for all of the good things in their life.   In this way, they focus on what’s good, right and working – not on life’s little problems.

That’s my take on outstanding performance and craving your goals.  What’s yours?  Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts with us.  As always, I want express my great thanks and deepest appreciation for you taking the time to read this post.


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  1. Hi, Bud:
    Thanks for sharing my “CRAVE Your Goals!” system with your readers. I enjoyed reading your comments about each step.
    Tristan’s comment about common sense not equaling common practice is so true. People often think these practices are too easy to work. They assume achieving goals always takes hard work and a bit of suffering. What I suggest is to start with the one CRAVE step that resonates the most–like cleaning out some clutter or using an affirmation–and that will give you the energy and clarity to try another step until all five steps become a habit.
    To more common sense!

  2. Tricia:
    I love your CRAVE goal setting and achievment system. I’m glad you liked what I wrote in my post. After reading your article, I have a new affirmation — “I CRAVE my goals.”
    Thanks for your comment.
    All the best,

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