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I have blogged about Visual CV twice in the past two weeks. I think it is a great service – absolutely necessary for helping you establish an on line presence and build your personal brand.  Even better, Visual CV is free.  Clint Heiden, the CEO of Visual CV and I have been in touch.  He was kind enough to write this guest post.  Enjoy…

The last two Tuesdays you have probably noticed that Bud has written on a recently launched company called VisualCV, Inc. (You can see the posts here and here). I reached out to Bud to thank him for his thoughtful and insightful posts on VisualCV and he graciously asked if I would like to write a guest post this week.  I’m excited to be today’s guest blogger and expand on some of the great points Bud has made about VisualCV. com.

My name is Clint Heiden and I’m CEO and co-founder of VisualCV.  My co-founder (Phillip Merrick) and I have been executives, entrepreneurs, and job seekers ourselves and together have recruited thousands of professionals.  Like all people and companies who recruit, we found the whole process very inefficient and frustrating for our companies and for the candidates and professionals we interviewed (as I’m sure you have as well). 

In the past I founded my own recruiting company to try and solve these frustrations.  Turns out that what I discovered from this venture was that the resume was an essential, but broken, tool.  It struck me as common sense to update the resume – technology had affected just about everything else in the workplace. Why not the resume? After getting together with Phillip and spending time doing research and development, we launched to make the resume more applicable to today’s professionals. 

Bud makes excellent common sense points about VisualCV in his last two posts: is a free and easy place to build your online resume.
– VisualCV is a great tool to help you build and nurture your brand.
– You need an online presence and VisualCV is a great way to accomplish this presence in a professional manner.
– lets you build multimedia resumes so you can include much more information (work samples, images, videos and more) than you can in a traditional resume.

And, in addition to what Bud said the last two weeks, a VisualCV can be used for so much more than a resume. Check out what another common sense guru, Guy Kawasaki, says about VisualCV and how to use it.

As Bud says, “successful people create positive personal impact.  You create positive personal impact by building and nurturing your personal brand, dressing for success and knowing and following the basic rules of etiquette.”

You, as an individual and a professional, need a better way to present your professional qualifications in order to make a positive impact. We at VisualCV want to help you make a positive impact whether that impact is on a hiring manager, a potential customer, a friend or a colleague. We think the VisualCV can help you do that.

In addition to Bud’s three rules to creating a positive impact, I think that connecting and working with people that also want to create a positive impact will help make you successful. In this vein, we teamed with one of the world’s leading resume writers and career coaches, Louise Kursmark to bring our members The Insider’s Guide to the VisualCV.  Louise works everyday to help those around her make a positive impact.  This free guide has all the strategies and tips you will need to extract the power of the VisualCV for the purpose of career progression, business development, or networking.

As Bud mentioned, is in beta. We’re constantly making improvements to the site and are eager to hear what you think of the site. So, once you build your VisualCV, please share it with our team and be sure to let us know what you think of  Thanks to Bud and you audience for welcoming us to this site!


My thanks to Clint Heiden for this guest post.  The common sense point here is simple.  Visual CV offers you a simple, easy to use and free tool for bringing your resume into the digital age, and for creating an on line presence.  I think Visual CV is a tool that is long overdue.  It will help you build your personal brand.  Your personal brand, along with dressing for success and knowing and following the basic rules of etiquette will help you create lasting positive personal impact – one of the five keys to career and life success.


PS — You can check out my VisualCV here.

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  1. Clint, thanks for the shout-out! I think VisualCV is a fantastic tool for professionals whether in job search or just building a professional presence online. I recommend it to all my clients and I’m doing my best to spread the word in my community of career service providers (resume writers and career coaches), who are very excited about VisualCV and the advantages it offers to their clients. It helps them stand out, get noticed, and provide a deeper, richer view of their capabilities to potential employers and business partners.

  2. Thanks for your comment Louise. And, I couldn’t have said it better. Visual CV is a great tool. That’s why I’ve featured it the last three weeks on this blog.
    Since you’re a resume expert, I’d appreciate your thoughts on my visual cv: Feel free to post them here. I’m sure it will be a learning experience for everybody who reads this blog.
    All the best,

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