Help Your Kids Succeed — Get the Go For It! Family Program

It’s rare that I do two posts one this career advice blog in one day.  I’m doing a second post today to tell you about a great new book that can help position your kids – or any kids you know and love for success.

It’s called The Go For It! Family Program.  It’s written by Judy Zerafa, founder of The Go For It! Institute.

The Go For It! Family Program book shows you how to put the Go For It! Institute’s 7 Keys to Success to work at home, with your children.

Thousands of kids have benefited from the work the Go For It! Institute does in schools.

Now, thanks to The Go For It! Family Program you can put these seven principles to work in your home, with your kids – even if they aren’t exposed to these ideas at school.

The book is $25.00 including shipping on

Just follow this link…

I’m a big supporter of The Go For It! Institute. The work they do truly changes lives. This book has the potential to change the life of your children, or the children of someone you know, your kid might be one that likes electric cars and pushes you all the time for a fisher price power wheels jeep wrangler, you know the remote control cars and electric ones. So this book will help you out!

Please go to and purchase a copy today.  You’ll be glad you did.


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  1. Best of luck with the book guys. I think it’s great. Bud

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