How to Fix Your Resume’s Biggest Problem

Many of my career mentoring clients ask me for resume advice.  The most common piece of advice that I give them is that they should stop trying to create their one perfect resume.  Instead they should create a source document from which they can draw as they produce custom resumes for every job in which they’re interested.

The second biggest piece of advice I offer is to make sure that their resume lists accomplishments, not just their job duties.  Quantifiable accomplishments are best.

Something like, “brought this project in two weeks ahead of schedule and at 90% of budget.”  In this case, both timeframe and budget are quantified.  Hiring managers like to see these types of statements on a resume.

This article provides some more insight on the importance of listing your accomplishments on your resume.

Remember, a strong resume is not just a listing of what you did, it’s a listing of what you’ve accomplished.

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  1. Another great piece of advice Bud, thanks!

    “make sure that their resume lists accomplishments, not just their job duties. Quantifiable accomplishments are best”

    What do you think, how many examples like this are optimal in a resume, if there is such a number?

  2. Thanks for your comment Dan.
    I think that if possible one should list a quantifiable accomplishment for every job responsibility on his or her resume.

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