How To Improve Your New Hire Sales Team ROI


In the world of business, in order for salespeople to be happy and satisfied with their work, they need to make more money. If they don’t meet the sales requirements, they’ll probably find a new job.

If you have a fast turnover in your sales team, it’ll affect not only your return on investment but also the morale of the group. This is the reason why business owners should create a plan that encourages the sales team to work productively and generate more profits.

If you have a newly hired sales team in your company, here are a few tips for improving their ROI from the very beginning.

Define your goals

Before doing anything else, the first step toward boosting your new hire sales team’s return on investment is to identify your business goals. Part of the planning process is setting the objectives your company and sales team need to accomplish within a definite period of time.

Also, defining business goals can be vital in fostering teamwork among your sales representatives. With these things included in your marketing plan, you can help your team come up with different strategies that help improve the ROI.

Use CRM tools

Using CRM (customer relationship management) software to streamline the steps in your sales process is another essential way to increase your sales team’s return on investment. For example, you can utilize your CRM tools for determining your prospects and notifying your new hire sales team of which prospects should be prioritized. This software can also be used to have a procedure for scheduling follow-ups. Given these things, it’s crucial to invest in this modern technology and provide your team with more training on how to use it.

If you’re looking for the right CRM tools for your business, providers like SaaS CRM software company can offer you with the best options.

Come up with an incentive plan

No doubt that your sales force can significantly contribute to your company’s return on investment. This is the reason why they should be rewarded for every effort they’ll make to generate more sales.

Create an incentive plan by offering bonuses to top performers, and as a result, you’ll absolutely get your newly-hired sales employees to work more efficiently. After all, it’s one way of showing your employees that you appreciate their job well. Moreover, by giving them more incentives, you can create healthy competition among your team which motivates them to perform better.

Invest in more training and mentoring programs

Your new hire sales team may need more training to speed up and become more productive in delivering ROI. Thus, it’s vital for your company to train your new employees using mentoring programs.  You can also use sales enablement tools.

Also, if your company is willing to make an investment in the training concerning sales, digital marketing, and so on, then most likely you’ll improve your new workers’ potential tenure. The longer tenure your salesforce has, the more you can boost your ROI and reap the benefits in the long run.

Enhance communication skills among your sales team

Effective communication is essential in your new hire sales force. When your employees are selling your products or services, you need to consider how they communicate with customers. Hence, it’s best to enhance your sales team’s communication skills for better advertising results and improved ROI.

In addition, effective communication among your sales force members can foster a positive team relationship. Friendships are built the moment these people communicate about their work and get to know each other. When all of these things happen, your whole new hire sales team becomes stronger, providing more opportunities to boost your company’s return on investment.

Identify onboarding issues quickly

Having a newly-hired sales force may present significant risks, such as losing business opportunities, brand damage, and poor ROI. In such cases, identifying onboarding issues as quickly as possible can be helpful.

Onboarding is the process of integrating a new hire into a team and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to become useful members. The sooner you identify problems with boarding, the earlier you can coach them up or replace them before they can adversely affect the entire team. If you can maintain a team of well-trained and knowledgeable sales personnel, you can be certain of an improved ROI on a long-term basis.


In today’s business landscape, the sales team has a vital contribution to the growth and success of a company. From the process of increasing customer base to turning leads into customers, they definitely play an essential role in your business.

If you want to get the most out of your new hire sales force, and improve the return on investment in no time, keep the tips mentioned in his article in mind.



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