I Got My First Covid Shot Today

Sometimes being an old guy pays off.  I was fortunate to receive my first does of the Moderna Covid vaccine today.

My friends at Rose Hospital in Denver made it an easy process.  Cathy and I showed up for our appointments, hers at 12:00 and mine at 12:30.  They took our temperatures and sent us to a nurse who asked a couple of questions about any allergies we may have.  She sent Cathy to get her shot, and then sent me over as soon as the next vaccination station was open.

I had my shot by 12:05.  We then waited until 12:20 to make sure neither of us had an immediate allergic reaction.  We were out of there 10 minutes before my scheduled appointment time.  That’s efficiency in action.

The folks at Rose were well set up and made the entire process really simple and easy.  We even were able to schedule an appointment for our next shot.

As someone who studies organizational effectiveness, I was really impressed with how organized the Rose process was.

I’m glad I’ve had my first dose of the vaccine.  If my experience today was an example of how Colorado’s vaccination efforts, under the direction of Governor Jared Polis, will play out, I’m thinking that most citizens of our state will be vaccinated quickly and efficiently.  Maybe then we’ll be back to some sense of normalcy.

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  1. Sambrita Ghosh says:

    All the best, take rest, take care

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