Kung Fu Panda and Self Confidence

Kung Fu Panda – have you seen it?  Cathy and I saw it on an IMAX screen over the weekend.  Very clever and entertaining.

But that’s not why I’m posting about it today.  Kung Fu Panda makes some great common sense points about self confidence.  Po the Panda, is a martial arts geek.  He wants to be a Kung Fu legend, only he is a roly poly, uncoordinated panda.  Then he accidentally becomes anointed as the famous Dragon Warrior.  This, turn of events helps him learn that warriors believe in, and take responsibility for themselves. 

When he is first given the coveted dragon scroll, he is dismayed to realize that it has no writing, only a reflective surface.  It takes Po a while, but then he gets it.  All he has is himself.  Armed with this insight, and the confidence gained from training with the master Shifu, Po battles the evil Tai Lung and triumphs.  If the story line sounds like an entertaining, animated kid’s movie, that’s because it is – albeit one with a moral.

Po’s story of failure to triumph highlights all three characteristics of self confident people.  Po, the Kung Fu Panda, learns to be optimistic and to believe in himself and his abilities.  He also faces his personal fears, and triumphs over them, allowing him to triumph over Tai Lung.  Finally, he surrounds himself with positive people – the furious five: Tigress, Viper, Monkey, Crane and Mantis; along with enlisting the Shifu as a mentor.

Check out Kung Fu Panda and let me know what you think.  Sometimes I get a little carried away seeing references to my career and life success message everywhere.  However, in the case of Kung Fu Panda, the importance of self confidence to success shines through the entertainment.  Lisa Kennedy, film critic for the Denver Post says it well.  “It never shirks a popcorn tenet: kernels of wisdoms must be tasty.

The common sense point here is simple, and timeless.  You have to believe in yourself, and take responsibility for yourself if you want to succeed in your career and life.  Kung Fu Panda makes this point in a very entertaining manner.  I recommend seeing it on an IMAX screen if you can.

As always, I’m interested in your perspective on these thoughts.  I welcome and appreciate your comments.  Thanks for reading.


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  1. You’re right (so is the scroll), all we have is ourselves. Besides that, what I learned from Po is to accept who we are. Imagine a fat panda with large belly becoming the dragon warrior, hmmmm….. anyway, it was his belly that helped him during his fight with Tai Lung.
    It reminds me to stop seeing my weaknesses as weaknesses and how I can use them as strength.

  2. Geo:
    You’re so right. Keep focusing on turning your weakensses into strenghts and you’ll be sure to succeed.
    Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.
    All the best,

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