Procrastination is the Physical Manifestation of Fear

Members of my career mentoring site have often heard me say that procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear.  It’s true, we often put off doing something because we’re afraid — usually of failure or rejection.

This article makes an important point — you have to stop procrastinating and get started if you’re going to accomplish anything in your life and career.

“All well and good” you say, “but I’m worried that things won’t turn out well, that’s why I procrastinate so much.”  I understand.  Fear can paralyze us into inaction.  Here is my prescription for dealing with the fears that can stop you from reaching your career goals.

First, identify what you fear.  Is it rejection, is it failure?

Second, admit this fear to yourself.  Own it.  It’s OK to be fearful.  Fear is normal and human.  Admitting  your fears to yourself can be a liberating experience.

Third, embrace your fear.  Wrap your arms around it and say, “Yes, this situation scares the hell out of me, but you know what, fear?  I’m no going to let you stop me.

Fourth, take action — as the article says do something.  The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll fail.  This doesn’t mean that you’re a failure — it means that you failed on a particularly task.  You’re a failure only if you don’t learn something from the experience.

I find that most people have a positive outcome when they face their fears and act.  This gives them the confidence to continue facing their fears.  On the other hand, if things don’t work out, there’s probably a lesson there.  Take the time to figure out what you could have done better or differently.  Armed with this knowledge, you will do better the next time.

So stop procrastinating because of fear.  Follow my four steps for dealing with fear…

  1. Identify it.
  2. Admit it.
  3. Embrace it.
  4. Take action.

You’ll be glad you did.

Your career mentor,


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  1. Anja Skrba says:

    Procrastination can be a nasty, nasty thing … especially if you make a habit of it, like lot of people do! And to literally eradicate the habit is the hardest! So yes, confrontation and embracing the fear is the answer, absolutely!

    Thanks for this post, Bud!

    Anja Skrba

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