Syracuse Banks and How To Start A Career In Banking

When it comes to making loans and receiving deposits, banks and other financial institutions can be the best place to go. As they provide a wide variety of financial services such as safe deposit boxes, wealth management, and currency exchange, you can probably improve your chances of achieving financial freedom.

However, banks don’t just do that. If you know how banks operate, you may also have a flourishing career in the banking industry.

If you’re living in Syracuse NY, here’s everything you need to know about banks as well as tips for starting a career in banking.

All About Syracuse Banks

Known for having a strong industrial economy due to employers in the field of education, healthcare, and governance, Syracuse has a stable banking industry with more than 15 banks and 20 credit unions operating in the area. Overall, Syracuse has more than 520 branches of active financial institutions that you can rely on for your banking or career needs.

Whether you’re looking for a place to make loans or a job that you can apply for in Syracuse, there’s a tremendous number of notable banks and financial institutions like that you can choose from.

Tips On How To Start A Career In Banking

Again, the banking industry in Syracuse is all-encompassing. It provides secure and good-paying jobs for everyone. With a variety of specialties or positions available, you can have a career in banking in no time. Below are some ways of starting a career in the banking industry:

  1. Decide what bank position you’re interested in

These days, you can probably take advantage of different positions that you can apply for. All you need to do is to determine whether you’re compatible with a career in banking. Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Be aware of the different responsibilities, requirements, and pay grades for each banking position you may want to pursue.
  • Consider your qualifications. Figure out which career will be best for your skills and knowledge.
  • If you don’t have the qualifications at the moment, get the degree and other requirements to get started. Whether you want to become a teller, bank manager, or accountant, you have to obtain the necessary qualifications for the banking position you’re considering.
  1. Be an intern

To be an intern, the first thing you should do is to search for some banks that offer internship programs. Doing an internship can help you see what your future career in the banking industry entails. After all, becoming an intern allows you to apply what you’ve learned in the real world.

An internship is also an excellent opportunity to let potential employers know that you’ve had some experience before applying for the job.

  1. Apply for a job in a bank

Once you have the necessary qualifications in place, it’s time for you to apply for a position in a bank. To do that, you should first look for banks and other financial institutions that have open positions. Take a look at your own list of contacts or use your network of friends, colleagues, and relatives for recommendations. You can also search online for some job openings. After getting your prospects, prepare a customized resume that will help you win the job.

  1. Disclose all relevant information to your employer

During the selection process, you have to be careful in revealing any information about yourself. Since the banking industry is impressed with public interests, the employees should be of good moral character, which is why you should be ready for any background investigation. Remember, laws and policies in Syracuse banks, for instance, may vary from other states and cities.

  1. Dress appropriately

Banks require all of their employees to be trustworthy and professional. In order to protect the image of the bank, you’ll be working for, groom and dress appropriately. This means having a conservative, presentable, and wholesome appearance throughout your duty.

  1. Be flexible on your work schedule

Another way of successfully starting a banking career is to show some flexibility when it comes to your work schedules. Your employer will appreciate you more if you can offer extended hours whenever it’s necessary. Moreover, always practice punctuality. Banks and other financial institutions should be on time when addressing their customers’ needs.

  1. Work with integrity and honesty

The last but not the least, you should always conduct your work with utmost integrity and honesty. Doing so can help you start a thriving career in the banking industry. The more you follow every law and policy, the more your employer will notice and appreciate your efforts, which, as a result, will help flourish your career.


There you have it. These are the tips that you can consider when starting a career in banking. Take note that the stress on this kind of job can be high. It’s essential not to succumb to the pressure to ensure you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your work. Remember, there’s so much to look forward in the banking industry. As long as you have the qualifications, guts, and dedication, you can absolutely build your banking career in Syracuse in no time.


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