Think You’d Like to Work from Home? Read This

Lots of people tell me that they would like to work from home.  I’ve been doing golf umbrella for over 26 years and it works for me.  But it may not work for you.

As a career mentor, I’m always looking for information that can help my readers.  Recently, I came across an article in the Sunday Denver Post called Five Signs That You Would Hate Working From Home that explains why you may not be cut out for working from home.  Here are my thoughts on these five signs.

  1. You have Work FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) – this can happen when you’re physically separated form coworkers and colleagues, making you feel out of the loop.  If you need to be up on the latest, working at home may not be great for you.
  2. You crave interaction – if you’re somebody who gets energized from being around people, you may find that working from home is lonely and isolating.  Extraverts can have a difficult time working from home.
  3. You’re easily distracted – working from home gives you freedom, but it also comes with lots of distractions — family, laundry, redecorating.  If you’re not disciplined, you can get far behind on your work.
  4. You’re not a self starter – to work from home successfully, you have to be able to focus on the important things you have to accomplish. If you can’t set direction for yourself, you won’t do well working from home.
  5. You lack work-life boundaries – this is the opposite of being easily distracted.  When you work from home it’s very easy to work too much.  The work is always there.  I’ve found myself in my office working very early in the morning, very late at night and at meal times.  You have to know when to disengage

Working from home is great for some people – not so much for others.  These five warning signs will help you decide if it’s for you.

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