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I did a post on resumes yesterday.  I’d like to continue in that vein today.  Last week, I came across a great site  Visual CV is still in beta, but I think it is a great idea.  It’s a tool that lets you store your resume on line.

Check out the resume I put together in about 20 minutes:  Let me know what you think.

Creating positive personal impact is one of the keys to career and life success that I discuss in “Straight Talk for Success.” If you want to create positive personal impact, you need to develop and nurture your personal brand, dress for success, and know and follow the basic rules of business etiquette.

I believe that a Visual CV is a great way to begin building your personal brand.  It is like a mini website that highlights all of the important things that you want to share about yourself.   It allows you to post photos and videos.  And, it has the added advantage of branding you as someone who is tech savvy.  (This is especially important for guys my age.)

Visual CV allows you to keep your CV private, to post it to the web, or to share it with specific people.  It also allows you to create several different versions of your resume.  I’m a big believer in this, as I believe you should create custom resumes for every job for which you apply.

There may be other on line tools like this.  I don’t know of any of them.  Are you familiar with other on line resume tools?  If so, please share their urls and your experience with them.

The common sense point here is simple.  Successful people create positive personal impact.  You need to develop and nurture your personal brand to create positive personal impact.  Visual CV is a great way to build your personal brand.  It allows you to store and share your resume on line.  It acts like a mini website, helping you get noticed when someone googles your name.  It’s also free – and that’s a good thing.  I suggest that you check out  Create a resume.  Feel free to send it to me.  I’ll be happy to give you my thoughts on how to improve it.

That’s my take on personal branding and  What’s yours?  As always, I thank you for reading, and ask that you provide your thoughts on this and all of my posts.  I welcome and encourage your comments.


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  1. Nice Article and very helpful for candidates. you can get so many online websites for uploading CV.. You can create blog also for your CV. So many business and social networking site have facility to uploas CV.

  2. Teresa Lindsay says:
  3. Thank you very much for the information I really appreciate it!!

  4. i really like your site.. thanks

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