Deluded? Audacious? Not Necessarily Bad Things

Recently, I did a blog post for entitled Deluded?  Audacious? Not Necessarily Bad Things.  Here is how it began…. The other day I saw the movie Before Midnight. If you like dialogue and character development movies, it’s a great flick.  ... [Continue Reading]

3 Career Advancement Tips

My friend Amanda Green has sent me another great guest blog on how to advance your career.  Check it out and let me know what you think…. 3 Effective Tips to Successfully Advance Your Career Are you looking out for a career shift? Want to explore a whole ... [Continue Reading]

A Great Resource for Interview Preparation

One of the great things about writing this blog is that I get to review a lot of life and career success books.  I read all of the books that are sent to me, but review only those that I think are well written and contain great common sense career ... [Continue Reading]