Speaking Freely: 20 Tips for New Freelancers

Are you interested in becoming a freelancer? Looking for some advice? Check out this infographic! It lays out 20 tips to save you time, money, and your sanity. Infographic courtesy of Invoice2go. ... [Continue Reading]

Listening Can Help You Become Indispensable

As a career mentor, I'm constantly reading to make sure that I can bring my subscribers new and insightful information.  My friends at Walk the Talk have come out with a new book, Indispensable!  It has a lot of great information in how to make yourself ... [Continue Reading]

How to Build the Strong Relationships That Will Help You Create Your Life and Career Success

Strong, lasting mutually beneficial relationships are an important key to your life and career success.  But building these types of relationships can be difficult.  As a career mentor, I'm often asked about how to create strong business relationships. To ... [Continue Reading]

Deluded? Audacious? Not Necessarily Bad Things

Recently, I did a blog post for Jenningswire.com entitled Deluded?  Audacious? Not Necessarily Bad Things.  Here is how it began…. The other day I saw the movie Before Midnight. If you like dialogue and character development movies, it’s a great flick.  ... [Continue Reading]

3 Career Advancement Tips

My friend Amanda Green has sent me another great guest blog on how to advance your career.  Check it out and let me know what you think…. 3 Effective Tips to Successfully Advance Your Career Are you looking out for a career shift? Want to explore a whole ... [Continue Reading]

42 Rules Every Leader Should Know and Follow

I just read 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role.  Then I reread it.  This book is dynamite! Author Pam Fox Rollin gets it about leadership, and how to transition into your new leadership role.  The book is easy to read -- and use.  Its format, 42 short ... [Continue Reading]

A Great Resource for Interview Preparation

One of the great things about writing this blog is that I get to review a lot of life and career success books.  I read all of the books that are sent to me, but review only those that I think are well written and contain great common sense career ... [Continue Reading]

Soft Skills and Career Success

Guest posts are one of the great things about writring this blog.  I really appreciate folks who offer to do a guest post for me.  Today I have a very nice post on soft skills and career success from Lindsay Harper.  Enjoy.... Learning to Manage Yourself ... [Continue Reading]